About MArtap

The Massachusetts Rural Transit Assistance Program (MArtap) is a federally funded, state-administered program that offers training, education and technical assistance programs designed to meet the needs of transportation providers in rural and small urban regions of Massachusetts. MArtap is a MassDOT program with the collaboration of the Massachusetts Association of Regional Transit Authorities (MARTA) and funded through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), an agency of the U.S Department of Transportation. 
MArtap programs focus on rural transportation providers and are offered to all paratransit services - public, private, nonprofit, and private for-profit agencies throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Most programs are offered at no charge, based on funding. 
Driver training is available through the RTAP program as well as opportunities for scholarships to conferences, meetings,  and other events, along with a mini grant  award program to agencies for necessary equipment.   
MArtap is pleased to present the following types of assistance targeted at Massachusetts rural and small urban public transit providers: 
  • Driver Training: The MArtap training curriculum is offered free of charge throughout the year, and is designed to help rural and small urban transit providers meet all the federal and state certification requirements
  • Helping Hand Mini Grant: Offered yearly to help meet the needs of agencies to help improve their transportation services
  • Training Scholarships: Offered to offset costs associated with the professional development of staff of rural and small urban transit service providers 


You can now apply for a Helping Hand Mini Grant. The deadline for application submission is May 10, 2017. Apply online.